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Off Grid Solar Power Systems For Australia and Pacific Islands | Stand Alone Kits

Hello and Welcome to Divergence Power!

We have been in Solar business for many years. We are not just Solar power System Providers, but are university qualified Electrical Engineers and Designers of Solar Power Systems and stand alone solar accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia. We understand the ins and outs of the solar engineering. We are in a position to give you the best advise for your power requirements.

As you may be aware that the Stand Alone Solar Power components largely include solar panels, charge controllers, battery bank, inverters and in some cases a back-up generator. If you end up getting wrong mix and match of components then you are setting up yourself for running into potential problems, such as not having enough power for your needs, inverters overheating and burning out, or unable to drive your electrical load, battery bank not lasting long enough hence cutting your power off, and the list goes on.

Talk to us. It is important that your system is designed correctly to meet your specific needs and applications. We will either provide you with one of our pre-designed stand alone solar kits that might be perfect for your needs, or we will custom design the system for your needs. Whatever the case maybe, you will be satisfied with our system for many years to come. We offer competitive pricing for our Off Grid Solar Kits.

Our latest line of products include Solar Lights. Our Solar Lighting specification range from 30W all the way up to 100W.

So get in touch to learn more about our Solar Power Systems. Our top notch support team will act promptly and have your system up and running to give you the power you need. You have made the right choice to stay with us.



We live in remote off grid area. We got the shipment of our remote solar power system from Divergence with all items. The local contractor installed under the supervision of Divergence Project Manager from Sydney. We are so proud of Divergence for their competitive price, technical support and seeing through the completion of this small stand alone power system
Peter Wallace, Port Macquarie NSW
We looked for stand alone battery powered solar system for our new house. Divergence Power was not the cheapest. Their design, equipment quality and technical support was brilliant. We went for quality. It was installed shortly after placing the order. The support from Divergence was just brilliant
Dan Stephens, Mudgee, NSW