PV Panels

As sunlight’s first port of call, PV panels convert energy stored in the sunlight into electric energy by outputting DC voltage and current. While the efficiency of PV panels keeps increasing thanks to technological progress, the amount of electric energy generated varies depending on the sunlight intensity.


Taking DC output from PV panels, a good inverter utilises integrated circuits converting DC voltage to AC suitable for your domestic appliances. With little complexity, the inverter goes straight to your main switch board as if nothing happens while you and your family become more environmental-friendly.

Battery Storage

While your existing solar system has made your house environmentally stand out, a good battery storage system will allow you and your family to go further when darkness comes everyday. With your batteries fully charged up during daytime, all your worries about your electricity bills will disappear while you put on your oven, TV, lights…

With various PV panels on the market, Divergence Power specialises in figuring out the right one to power your house based on our intensive experience on solar industry along with our computer-aided analysis software. Suntech, Trina, Jinko…there is always a suitable one awaiting you in our database
Based on our years experience on residential solar systems, we have selected some most reliable and cost-effective inverters for you to make full use of the sunlight. With good reputation gained not only in Australia but all over the world, brands such as SMA, ABB, SCHNEIDER, FRONIUS, ENPHASE,etc will deliver the best performance in a reliable and safe way
There has never been a game changer in domestic solar industry until the advent of battery storage system which enables you to use solar energy at night. With lithium batteries being widely used, products from LG, SONY have already become a wow factor in the way they work, significantly improving the overall efficiency of your solar system

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