Solar lights offer many advantages over other traditional lighting methods. They are eco-friendly and save energy since solar lights do not require batteries or wiring. Installation is quick and simple, as there are no cords to plug in, which adds a seamless, attractive quality to a garden or parking area.

Solar lights give off a soft, inviting glow, which is more attractive than the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting. And, because of advances in technology, the price of solar lighting has decreased dramatically over the past several years, making them affordable for both the short and long term.

Divergence Power is Australia’s market leader in providing solar lighting solutions to the public. Our lights are suitable for car parks, pathways, gardens, street lighting, waterside lighting, and lighting for remote areas.

Solar Pathway Lighting

  • Local council park pathways

  • Reserves

  • Cycle ways

  • Pedestrian lighting

Solar Car Park Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

Solar Remote Area Lighting

Solar Waterside Lighting

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