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Need to get rid of Dirty Electricity? EMF? Radio Frequency? Then look no further than this amazing technologically advanced Stetzerizer Filter. It drastically reduces the radio frequency energy (RF) riding on building wiring. There are many sources of high RF waves riding on building wires at home and office. The Solar Power system is one of the nasty source due to conversion of DC (Direct Current) power from Solar Panels to AC (Alternating Current) for home use.

We have seen some unbelievable readings in the reduction of the RF using the Stetzerizer Filters. It is like almost every home needs this filter to keep our living space free of RF. There are so many information published on this subject and likely consequences of this. Take a look at the video clip below

Dirty Electricity Explained

Stetzerizer Filter In Action

Stetzerizer® filter products manufactured by or on behalf of Stetzer that are designed to reduce and eliminate radio frequency energy (RF) riding on the building wiring. The filters are not health products that should be used to treat disease, illness or other physical ailments in lieu of medical treatment.  The Stetzerizer products  are designed to reduce radio frequency energy (RF) riding on building wiring.


We are so relieved now that we have the Stetzerizer Filter. We have a solar power system. The EMF reading has gone down from 973 to 95 now. We have one filter in each bedroom, kitchen, lounge, and one in garage near the inverter
Marie Brigano, Murwillumbah, NSW
This is the best filter in the market. It takes the EMF down. We have recently bought them and installed. The readings have really gone down now. Thanks to Stetzerizer Filter technology
Rowena Davidson, Cairns, Qld