What Do We Do

We provide stand alone solar power, also known as off-grid solar power or remote stand alone systems (RAPS), for a very wide range of domestic and commercial applications. We have standard off grid solar kits from small to large. For special applications we custom design the remote solar systems also.

In the grid connect area, we  provide solutions for installation sizes 10kW and upwards. We produce optimal design of your system and ensure that it is installed correctly according to our engineering and designs criteria meeting all stringent Australian and International Standards.

What Is Our Goal

Our goal is very simple. We provide power to satisfy customer’s needs by providing them with correct system set ups. We achieve this by providing quality and professional engineering design, supply and installations.

What Sets Us Apart

You can trust on us. This solar business is our game. We win in what we do. We are qualified technical professionals who understands the fundamentals of solar power and electrical engineering. We take passion and pride in this field of work. We do it because this brings excitement and joy in what we love the best. With our endless affection to solar works you can rely on us to provide you with a solution that best suits your needs that will keep producing electricity for many years to come.

Why Should You Consider Us

  1. We take pride in what we do and work to get best result you deserve
  2. We provide you with good quality engineering design and solution
  3. Our prices are competitive
  4. You can arrange to install the system by someone else qualified to do so with our design under our supervision therefore reducing the cost of installation
  5. We have insurance to provide you with peace of mind. Public liability, Professional Indemnity, Workers Compensation and company Vehicle Insurance